TALBOT / TALBOT-LAGO (France) 1920-1959

Known as Darracq to 1920, Talbot of Suresnes, Seine, was acquired that year by the British Sunbeam-Talbot combine. For some years cars were made on both sides of the Channel under the joint names of Talbot Darracq: this led to some confusion, for they were sold from France as Talbot and from England as Darracq.

The same confusion happened with the firm's racing cars. The first models to leave the Suresnes factory after the merger were the 18/20, the four-cylinder ohv 10 cv ( 1505cc) and 12/ 14 cv (2950cc) as well as the 4594cc V-8, discontinued in l923. The four-cylinder models were built until 1926. In 1927 came the excellent six-cylinder Talbots, available in three versions- 2687cc, 2915cc and the 3027cc sport model. In 1930 Talbot presented a straight-eight of 3800cc, of which very few were made. In 1935, the old French factory saw the arrival of the brilliant engineer Anthony Lago, who modified the six to create the Talbot-Lago Special engine of 4000cc.

After the war Talbot-Lago had a great racing history with the wonderful 4483cc ohv six-cylinders. Their "Record" models sold very well. In 1955 Talbot-Lago presented a 2500cc coupé with Maserati engine, and a "Baby" 2.7-litre. BMW 2.6-litre engines were then used, and the last of the line had Simca power. In 1979 the Talbot name was resurrected by Peugeot-Citroën but used with the Simca name for the French market.

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