• 30 March 2021

Citroën 15 Six H – 1954

Citroën 15 Six H – 1954

Citroën 15 Six H – 1954 1024 768 VEA

Citroën 15 Six H - 1954


Citroën 15 Six H Traction Avant, with hydropneumatic suspension. Very beautiful midnight blue paint and interior redone. Lots of mechanical work done by the current owner and a renowned Citroën expert. LHM hydraulic fluid with rebuilt pump, contactor and spheres. Electronic ignition system, modern universal joints, redone radiator and addition of an expansion tank … and much more. Everything is working fine, even the clock.

Many more details (in French and English) and hundreds of photos on the owner’s website at https://www.stephpal.ca/15-six

The car is located in Laval.