BOC Tour of Britain September-October 2018 1024 466 VEA 50 ans

BOC Tour of Britain September-October 2018

Departing from London on Hammersmith Bridge This shows all the cars present at the beginning The three cars which will do the whole tour Parry Thomas’s world speed record car…

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Mercedes 250SL 1967 1024 576 VEA 50 ans

Mercedes 250SL 1967

I bought this car in May 2012. The choice of this vehicle was based on a need to have a little more trunk space than my MGA. A search on the internet familiarized me a little more about the models 230sl-250sl-280sl and the market. Prices vary as much as the condition. But I was not looking for a show car to harvest trophies but rather a road car to enjoy. read more
1972 BMW 2002tii – Restoration 1024 688 VEA 50 ans

1972 BMW 2002tii – Restoration

BMW’s have always had a soft spot in my heart ever since my father bought his first BMW in the 1990s. I love the drive and something about their lines put a smile on my face. read more
Citroën 100th anniversary 1024 364 VEA 50 ans

Citroën 100th anniversary

In 2019, the VEA marks the 100th anniversary of the Citroën brand. Participate in our activities in large numbers.

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