• 1 January 2019

Maserati Biturbo – 1983

Maserati Biturbo – 1983

Maserati Biturbo – 1983 960 720 VEA 50 ans

Manufacturer Information:

Maserati was founded in 1914 in Bologna, Italy. They contributed to the history of sports and racing cars, notably by setting the world speed record in 1929 by Borzacchini and the world championship in Formula 1 in 1957 by Fangio driving a 250 F.

In 1940 Maserati moved to Modena on the Viale Ciro Menotti and helped to develop several technological prowess and some difficulties because of the different owners until the purchase of the brand by Ferrari in 1997.

Today the Maserati brand is making a comeback and is present on the market with two models: the GranTourismo (sports GT car) and the Quatroporte (high performance limo). Both are normally marketed by Ferrari retailers.

Model Information:

The Biturbo was launched in 1981 by De Tomaso, a former Brazilian racing driver, who wanted to restore its reputation to a brand that had experienced difficulties and had changed hands several times since its success in the 50s. Biturbo has been produced in more than 30 innovative versions on two levels: the 90º V6 engine with 2 progressive turbos and the 3 head valves per cylinder, including an emission valve and 2 intake valves, one larger than the creating turbulence, increasing efficiency and power. This car was an instant success, due to its price, its different concept and its configuration. It was unfortunately later decried by the competition and also because of its reputation for its reliability and its difficulties of maintenance and adjustments

The beautiful story:

De Tomaso had in mind to conceive a car for an ordinary family man who wanted to have fun in an auto sport in which he could also house all his little family of the time. Maserati then designed a unique and comfortable car, while taking advantage of all the technical knowledge acquired over the years.

The current owner has fully restored the car after its import from Switzerland between 1998 to 2000.

The car was featured in a 20-minute “Bumper-to-Bumper” broadcast on the 2003 Italian Car Special. Various models were seen in various films as an accessory car, but without taking the stage especially.

This car is the oldest in North America, since it was built before those imported here. It is also the only Biturbo 2.5L with the specifications of Switzerland (parking disc in the driver’s sun visor and electric adjustable front lights) to ride in Canada


  • Make: Maserati
  • Model: Biturbo
  • Year: 1983